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The Diefenbach PLLC firm is comprised of New York City medical malpractice lawyers, both as counsel, of counsel and co-counsel attorneys for the firm, who have over 30 years of trial experience and have made literally1,000's of court appearances in the State and Federal Courts in the metropolitan New York area. Gordon Diefenbach, the Founding Partner, has consistently been recognized as a talented and successful trial lawyer by both clients and peers. He has achieved multiple six- and seven-figure settlements for people who have been injured by medical negligence, hospital liability, doctor's errors, medication and treatment errors, errors in diagnosis of cancers, as well life-changing catastrophic injuries sustained by construction workers injured on the job. If a physician's negligence has caused death, injury or pain and suffering, as plaintiffs' medical malpractice attorneys we will advise you of your rights as well as give you our opinion of what your case may be worth. The firm is located in the heart of the Wall Street area in the New York Information Technology Center. The firm's reputation has attracted graduates from top- 10 law schools to work here, as well as Law Clerks from the Ivy Leagues.

We have the sophisticated computer technology, financial resources and experience necessary to give our clients the compensation they deserve. 

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"At the forefront of medical-legal issues and litigation since 1986."Read Our Full History
When the medical industry hurts you, we hold them accountable. Doctors, hospitals, and drugs companies sometimes put profit over people. We step in for you, and have been doing so for nearly thirty years.