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The Diefenbach law firm is a premiere Manhattan law firm representing patients who have been negligently treated by their doctors.  There is no fee unless we win your case. There is a standard of care below which a doctor or hospital cannot fall.  The injuries a patient suffers may not be obvious when they occur and may take years for a patient to realize that his treatment was not appropriate, or that there was a mis-diagnosis of his condition, such as cancer for example, or that there was no follow-up by the doctor in terms of the treatment he rendered.  Another area that the firm concentrates in is representing workers who are injured in construction sites.  We all know that New York City's skyscrapers were built by workers, some of whom were injured or died, constructing them. Through history, NYC construction workers have died doing their job. Between 30 to 40 workers died building the Brooklyn Bridge (www.endex.com/gf/buildings/bbridgedeaths.htm). For those who are seeking the advice of a leading New York accident lawyer for any serious injuries, we welcome to hear from you. Worker's compensation may not be all you are entitled to.  Let us investigate your case at no charge to you.

The medical malpractice areas that the Diefenbach attorneys specialize in are: Primary Care Physicians who neglect their patients Medication errors Cerebral Palsy children Erb's Palsy children Wrongful death Cancer cases, where there is a delay in diagnosing the cancer Failing to diagnose emergency situations Birth injuries to babies during delivery Surgery errors

NYC Medical Negligence Lawyers with Exceptional Service

Our attorneys review all manner of Manhattan construction accidents. If your injuries relate to a construction site fall, worker death, scaffold injury or on-the-job ladder fall, then the best advice we can give you is to retain a Manhattan construction lawyer who specializes in this field. In our opinion, it will make the difference between receiving $200,000.00 or $2 million. As an example, a New Jersey lawyer referred a case to us, where he was offered only $35,000.00 for a serious construction accident. We obtained $482,500.00.

How Can an Accident Lawyer Help: Experience

As Manhattan work place injury lawyers with experience, speaking with us you have nothing to lose and may have a lot to gain. Scaffolding accidents kill about 4,500 workers per year, as they are often on scaffolds with limited space or negligently constructed. This results in thousands of falls off those scaffolds which cause severe injuries because of how high they are. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), most scaffold accidents result when planking or supports give way, a scaffold worker trips, or when objects strike workers. Defective or improperly secured scaffolds are a major cause of injury on construction sites. Certain safety mechanisms have developed for workers on scaffolding, such as anchors (under OSHA rules they must be able to support a minimum of 5,000 pounds per worker); webbing (ropes and straps used in the lifelines, strength elements of body harnesses and lanyards); body harness (which minimizes stress forces on the body during a fall from a scaffold); vertical lifelines (which again must have a minimum break strength of 5,000 pounds; each worker under OSHA rules must be attached to a vertical lifeline).

Negligence by doctors and Hospitals happen at the rate of 10 % of patients. Aside from negligence in medical care, we act as as attorney's for union members involved in construction accidents. Construction ranks third in the rate of injury-caused deaths, following mining and agriculture. Unfortunately, worker's compensation does not adequately cover the hardships that result from such unexpected injuries. In New York City, construction accident lawyers are highly specialized because of the complexity of the accident itself, which requires knowledge of that industry. Also, lawsuits for injured or killed construction workers in New York, Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan deal with a specialized area of the Labor Law, which all lawyers dealing with construction accidents in NY are familiar with, particularly Labor Law Sections 200, 240(1) and 241(6). Building is particularly dangerous because the normal dangers of working in construction are made worse by the fast-paced building environment. For instance, construction accidents frequently occur in the NYC skyscraper building environment because of defective machinery or hazardous conditions. Crane collapses, scaffolding or ladder malfunctions, electrocution, and N.Y. Industrial Code violations are common causes of accidents on a NY construction site. Government agencies such as OSHA place restrictions on construction building and create construction site regulations to try to prevent accidents that result in fatalities and injuries. Despite these precautions, OSHA estimates that at least 1000 workers will face a work-related death this year and many of the deaths and injuries will have been preventable. Importantly, gravity related injuries including scaffolding accidents, crane accidents, and elevator accidents most often fall within the protection of Labor Law 240(1). This means that our law firm's motion for summary judgment on the issue of liability is the first step in obtaining money for an injured worker who falls from these elevated areas. A helpful link on New York Law regulating scaffolds -- in particular the law applicable to construction, demolition, and excavation, can be found at http://www.labor.ny.gov/workerprotection/safetyhealth/sh23.shtm#23.5.

If you are involved in an accident while working in construction, it is important to know your legal rights. There are laws in place to protect you and your family after you are injured on the job. Only an experienced Manhattan construction accident lawyer can fight for your right to be compensated. You only have one chance to bring a claim. And all too often, Worker's Compensation is not enough to cover life-long injuries. Our system is set up to file a claim once for an injury, and get paid once. With decades of experience, we have Manhattan construction accident lawyers who can provide the knowledge and experience necessary to obtain compensation for your accident. Contact us today. The law imposes a deadline by which date you must file a claim for a civil suit. The time period starts the moment you are injured. We are dedicated to fighting building owners and general contractors on construction site accidents.

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The Diefenbach PLLC firm has been involved at the forefront of legal-medical issues for over 30 years. We have made 1,000's of court appearances in the State and Federal Courts in the metropolitan New York area. Gordon Price Diefenbach is widely regarded by both clients and colleagues alike as a talented trial lawyer and our firm has built a reputation representing plaintiffs against defendant doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, construction companies in serious or catastrophic injuries. Gordon has achieved multiple six and seven-figure settlements and trial verdicts on cases involving life-altering injuries.  In our industry, you pay nothing for our legal services until and unless we obtain compensation for you. The standard fee is 33 %.

As litigators, we negotiate the absolute best settlements and jury trials in New York City. If a doctor's or hospital's negligence has caused death, injury or pain and suffering, let our medical malpractice lawyers at the Diefenbach firm review your case, free of charge, to see what your case may be worth. Located at 888 Seventh Avenue, one block from Columbus Circle in Manhattan, feel free to text or call our 24 hour hotline (917) 734-7111 and we will respond when you call or within hours of your call.

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Medical Malpractice Lawyers NYC
Medical Malpractice Lawyers NYC
When the medical industry hurts you, we hold them accountable. Doctors, hospitals, and drugs companies sometimes put profit over people. We step in for you, and have been doing so for nearly thirty years.