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The Diefenbach PLLC firm has been involved at the forefront of legal-medical issues for over 30 years. We have made 1,000's of court appearances in the State and Federal Courts in the metropolitan New York area. Gordon Price Diefenbach is widely regarded by both clients and colleagues alike as a talented trial lawyer and our firm has built a reputation representing plaintiffs against defendant doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, construction companies in serious or catastrophic injuries. Gordon has achieved multiple six and seven-figure settlements and trial verdicts on cases involving life-altering injuries.  In our industry, you pay nothing for our legal services until and unless we obtain compensation for you. The standard fee is 33 %. 

As litigators, we negotiate the absolute best settlements and jury trials in New York City. If a doctor's or hospital's negligence has caused death, injury or pain and suffering, let our medical malpractice lawyers at the Diefenbach firm review your case, free of charge, to see what your case may be worth. The firm is located in the heart of the Wall Street area, in the New York Information Technology Center. You can always contact us on our 24 hour hotline, which we answer when you call or at most within hours of your call at (917) 734-7111.  We understand that when you have an emergency, you need someone to rely on immediately. We are there for you. Seriously.  Call us and see for yourself.

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"At the forefront of medical-legal issues and litigation since 1986."Read Our Full History
Medical Malpractice Lawyers NYC
Medical Malpractice Lawyers NYC
When the medical industry hurts you, we hold them accountable. Doctors, hospitals, and drugs companies sometimes put profit over people. We step in for you, and have been doing so for nearly thirty years.