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10 Things To Know About Cancer

Misdiagnosis occurs in 10 to 20 percent of all cases of cancer.

A study shows that around 28% of the mistakes made in diagnosing 580 cancer cases resulted in severe harm.

It has been estimated that medical misdiagnosis causes the death of 40,000 cancer patients each year.

More than 100 types of cancers exist and any part of our body can be affected.

Over the next two years, a greater number of people will die from cancer than have died fighting in all the wars the United States have ever fought.

Only 40% of cancers have a known cause (most likely due to cell replication errors), the other 60% are assumed to be caused by being exposed to radiation, viruses, sunlight, smoking or being overweight.

Men in the United States have a 50% lifetime risk of developing a type of cancer.

Nearly 70% of all patients that are diagnosed with lung cancer die within five years of diagnosis.

Lifetime probability of developing brain cancer is 43.3% for males and 37.8% for females.

Female breast cancer incidence rates are higher among non-hispanic white women but breast cancer mortality rates are higher for African-American women.

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