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Over the recent years, insurers, hospitals, and physicians have been raising questions that contest the civil jury institution and their ability to correctly judge medical malpractice cases. Defendants claim that the jury is acting unjustly when it continuously awards large compensations to plaintiffs.Complaints from insurers, hospitals and the like about jury awards are problematic because they’re based upon unrepresentative verdict data, ignore potential differences among cases, and report average rather than median awards, thus exposing a statistical data inflated by a small number of large awards. The reality of jury awards for medical malpractice shows that only 10% of those lawsuits actually reach the level of a jury trial, and 40% of the lawsuits were dropped or settled without any payment to plaintiff. One study has also shown that plaintiffs win only 1 in 5 cases, further countering the claim that juries are inclined to favor plaintiffs despite lack of liability evidence.

Plaintiffs in medical malpractice lawsuits receive awards that correlate with the severity of the injury, life expectancy, medical care necessities and other dependent and independent variables.The severity and nature of the injuries can vary from minor, emotional, to temporary or permanent disability and ultimately death.

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